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For seven years, the TRI-Rock program has helped hundreds of youth-at-risk get a second chance at a job, and a first chance at a career. “As a youth, it’s hard to open up to people you don’t know, but the staff here listen to you and helped me get my second chance in life.” As quoted from a youth who successfully accomplished the second phase of the program despite personal challenges he was facing.
None of this would be possible without the TRI-Rock team, Service Canada, and the supportive employers.

The goal of Living Rock Ministries is to give youth a start on their career by spending a lot of time utilizing the skills they bring to the table, giving them new skills, and showering them with encouragement and support. When youth start the TRI-Rock program, we assist them with housing and identification. This will give them the foundation they need to stay in a job.

In Phase I, eight weeks are spent giving the youth employable skills – janitorial, culinary, administration. There is also a ‘life skills’ component where youth participate in groups such as: budgeting, anger management, social skills and health & nutrition. In Phase II, we do our best to find placements that will start their career and/or give them full-time employment when the eight-week phase is over. Up to minimum wage is sponsored by the Government of Canada and the youth are given a bonus once they’ve completed this phase.

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Service Canada

Life Skills & Volunteer Experience Program
Rock Resorces

Rock Resources is a Pre-Employment-Training program that “spring boards” off of the Breakfast Program.  The Breakfast Program has been a recruiting centre for Rock Resources, a program which endeavours to provide youth with such varied experiences as helping to clean up after Breakfast, do mass cooking for the Living Rock’s Evening Program, providing youth with the opportunity to get involved with woodworking and repair jobs, working out at the YMCA, anti-racism workshops and getting involved in the community through Clean Parks = Safe Parks which involves cleaning three local parks (Gore, Beasley, and McLaren).  Rock Resources desires to help youth focus on their physical and emotional needs as well as develop their creative abilities.

Rock Resources helps youth experience a chance for new beginnings.  Rock Resources provides youth with a positive alternative from drug use, trafficking, crime, isolation and boredom.  In contrast, Rock Resources allows youth the opportunity to start planning for, and taking responsibility for their lives.  Five youth are allowed to sign up for each time slot available in Rock Resources, and this sign up occurs during the Breakfast Program.

The Breakfast Program/Rock Resources model encourages youth to begin developing an individualized plan which consists of developing a weekly schedule as well as having certain goals that they would like to work towards.  Some of the youths’ goals include such things as obtaining their identification, phone cards, food vouchers or getting a new pair of shoes.

Financial Supporters of this Program:
Supporting Community Partnership Initiative


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